Catalog of Compositions
Stopping by Woods

     After an academic career spanning more than thirty years and twenty books, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy growing recognition and acclaim as a composer.  Although I did some composing during the 1980s, most of my music has been written since 2007, making me a classic late bloomer--and a rare instance of someone who has turned from studying and writing about (classical) music to actively creating it.  I now divide my time between scholarship and composition.  My work has won several competitions. It has had numerous performances across the United States, from New York's Lincoln Center to the campus of the Santa Fe Opera to San Francisco, from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Jacksonville, Florida, and throughout Europe, including Vienna, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Belgrade, Krakow, Stockholm, and Bern. 

This site contains a wide selection of scores for download plus a full catalog of my compositions.  Any score here may be freely downloaded, reproduced, performed, broadcast, and/or recorded subject to an ASCAP license, provided only that you identify me as the composer and notify me of your activity (lkramer@fordham.edu).  Instrumental parts are available on request.