Catalog of Compositions
Stopping by Woods

Catalog of Compositions


PDF scores are available from both this site and the New Music USA Online Library.

Please contact me for scores not found on those sites.

Piano Music

Colors of Memory: Five Lyric Pieces (19 minutes)

Ecstasis: Prelude and Variations (19 minutes)

Evocations for Piano and Vocalist (22 minutes)

Illuminations: Three Lyric Pieces (18 minutes)

Gandy Dancing (four hands, with optional 2 percussion) (9 minutes)

Now and Then (with optional 1 or 2 percussion, 10 minutes)

One by One: Six Etudes (14 minutes)

Rhapsody and Dithyramb (11 minutes)

Sonata from Crossing the Water (16 minutes)

The Glittering Scales (9.5 minutes)

The Wild Swans (11.5 minutes)

Three Lyric Pieces (12 minutes)  

String Quartets

No. 1: Lighted Windows (17 minutes)
No. 2: Whirligig and After (16 minutes)

No. 3: Constellations (28 minutes)

No. 4: The Night Sky (17 minutes)

No. 5: The Far Field (20 minutes)
No. 6: Dark Matter—Late Light (15 minutes)

No. 7: Mosaics (21 minutes) 

Chamber Music

A Compass Rose (flute, clarinet, violin, and cello) (14 minutes)

Almost a Shadow for Violin, Horn, and Piano (6.5 minutes)

Apparitions (Saint, Wisp, Phantom) for soprano, clarinet, violin, and cello (18 minutes)

A Transformation
for Brass Quintet (11.5 minutes)

Cat’s Cradle for Clarinet, Viola, Cello, and Light Percussion (10 minutes)

Cloud Shadows for Violin and Piano (10 minutes)

Elsewhere for Clarinet and String Quartet (10 minutes)

Fantasy for Unaccompanied Violin (6.5 minutes)

Fantasy II for Unaccompanied Violin (5 minutes)

Full Circle for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano (15 minutes)

Give and Take for Violin and Cello (13 minutes)

Horizons for Clarinet, Horn, and Piano (7.5 minutes)

Nightfall for Violin, Cello, and Piano (9 minutes)

Nightfall for Violin or Viola, Clarinet, and Piano (9 minutes) 

Quintet for Winds (12.5 minutes)

Phantom for Flute and String Trio (8.5 minutes)

Pulsation for Violin, Viola, Cello, and Piano (16 minutes)

Questions of Travel for Cello and Piano (12.5 minutes)

Rhapsody for Solo Violin (14 minutes)

Ricercar for Unaccompanied Cello (11 minutes)

Septet: L'histoire sans soldat (L'histoire ensemble, 9 minutes)

Sand Dunes for Solo Flute (10.5 minutes)

Soliloquies and Interludes for Unaccompanied Cello (15 minutes)

Sonata for Violin and Piano (16 minutes)

The Hourglass for Harp and Cello (9 minutes)

The Light Fantastic for Clarinet and Piano (11.5) minutes

The Rings of Saturn for Brass Quintet (10.5 minutes)

Three Nocturnes for Viola and Piano (15 minutes)

Trefoil for String Trio (14 minutes)

Wingspan for String Sextet (20 minutes)

Chamber Music with Voice

A Short History (of the Twentieth Century) (High Voice and 2 Percussion) (17.5 minutes)  

Words on the Wind (High Voice, Oboe/E.H., Clarinet, Horn, Violin/Viola, and Cello)
(16 minutes)

     -- No. 1. The Wind in the Leaves (original text) (6 minutes)        
     -- No. 2, The Wind Shifts (texts by Wallace Stevens) (10 minutes)
      The Wind Shifts is also available independently for voice (all types) and piano 

Song Cycles

Aftermath: Four Songs of the Civil War for high voice and piano
(texts by Daneen Wardrop) (16 minutes)

Another Time for high voice, violin, and cello.  
(3 songs, original texts) (15 minutes)

A Ring of Light for high voice and piano
(5 songs, original texts) (18 minutes)

Bearing the Light for high voice and cello.
(10 songs, texts by Nietzsche) (21 minutes)

Break of Day for high voice and piano
(5 songs, texts by Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Hart Crane) (20 minutes)

Crossing the Water for soprano, baritone, male speaker, and piano
(Cantata, text by William Carlos Williams) (30 minutes)

Letters from Venice for soprano or baritone and piano
(5 songs, varied texts) (13 minutes)

Nietzsche Fragments
(6 songs for mezzo soprano and cello or baritone and violin, plus piano) (14 minutes)

Nimbus: Two Songs from Drum-Taps for tenor and piano
(texts by Walt Whitman) (9 minutes) 

Not-to-Call Night for high voice and piano
(5 songs, texts by Gerard Manley Hopkins) (16 minutes)

Five Songs: The Acrobats
for mezzo soprano, baritone, and piano
(texts by Ezra Pound, R. M. Rilke, Guillaume Apollinaire, and Carl Sandburg) (18 minutes)

Six Songs and an Epilogue from The Wings of the Dove for baritone and piano
(text by Henry James) (20 minutes)

Song Acts, Book I: Angels of Wind and Fire for mezzo soprano, baritone, and piano
(6 songs, texts by Ezra Pound) (18 minutes)

Song Acts, Book II: Erat Hora [An Hour There Was] for mezzo soprano, baritone, and piano
(6 songs, texts by Ezra Pound) (23 minutes)

     --Books I and II may be performed independently or combined in sequence      

Songs and Silences for baritone and piano (8 songs, texts by Wallace Stevens) (18 minutes)

      -- Also available for mezzo soprano

That Lonesome Whistle for high voice and piano (3 songs, original texts) (12 minutes)

"That Music Always Round Me": Three Poems of Walt Whitman for high voice and piano
(18 minutes)

“The Stillness in the Air”: Six Poems of Emily Dickinson for mezzo soprano and piano
(16 minutes)


Four Medieval Lyrics
(SATB, anonymous texts) (10 minutes)

Five Romantic Lyrics
(SATB and optional oboe/English horn,
texts by Byron, Tennyson, D. G. Rossetti, Meredith) (15 minutes)

Fragment(s) (SATB,on a single phrase from Keats) (7 minutes)

Part Songs (SATB, quartet or chorus, fragmentary texts) (18 minutes)

Premonition (SATB, text by Rainer Maria Rilke) (6 minutes)

The Sea Mew (SATB, text by Samuel Taylor Coleridge) (5 minutes)

Another Winter's Journey (SATB, text by Edward Thomas) (10 minutes)


Crossing Paths for String Orchestra (10 minutes)

Equinox for Orchestra (7 minutes)

Sunbow for Orchestra (10 minutes)

Postcard from the Volcano for Orchestra (10 minutes)

Traveling Whispers for Small Orchestra (10 minutes)

What the Thunder Said for Two Trumpets, Timpani, and Strings (10 minutes)